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Full Brokerage List - 25th January 2022:

Year & Boat Make/ModelNameLOASpec.PriceLying
1987 Oyster 406DS (Deck Saloon)Red Star12.55mS G F M D 6£68,000Norfolk
Counter Stern Half DeckerRozinante9.14mS W C G - -£39,950Norfolk Broads
2015 GRP Yare & Bure One Design (YBOD, White Boat) & TrailerLunar6.71mS G F G - -£28,000Norfolk Broads
1935 Ernest Woods River Cruiser Class YachtWill o' the Wisp8.53mS W F G E 2£25,000Norfolk Broads
2015 GRP Rebel One Design Half DeckerRebel Reiver6.93mS G F G - -£22,500Norfolk Broads
1985 Easticks 28 River Cruiser (GRP Hull)Swallowtail10.06mS G F B D 4£20,995Norfolk Broads
1936 Herbert Woods Perfect Lady Class Broads YachtPerfect Lady 510.06mS W - B D 4£19,995Norfolk Broads
1890 Ex Ship's Lifeboat Sailing CruiserCushag9.14mS W L G P 2£19,750Norfolk Broads
1996 GRP Broads One Design (BOD, Brown Boat) & TrailerAlbatross7.32mS G L G - -£18,000Norfolk Broads
1928 Ernest Woods River Cruiser Class YachtSleeping Beauty10.36mS W F G E 4£17,950Norfolk Broads
1932 River Cruiser Class Broads YachtAchievement10.52mS W - B O 2£16,000Norfolk Broads
1913 Pegg River Cruiser Class YachtRogue10.06mS W F G E 2£15,750Norfolk Broads
1989 Thurne Restricted Class (GRP Hull, Trailer Available)Reed Drifter7.01mS C F G O 2£15,300Norfolk BroadsPR
1901 Walter Woods Clinker River Cruiser & TrailerPirate10.06mS W F G O 2+£14,000Norfolk Broads
Ernest Woods River Cruiser Class YachtPeter Pan9.14mS W F G O 2£12,500Norfolk Broads
1965 Norwegian Troll 32 MotorsailerNoy9.65mS W L B D 4£10,995Norfolk Broads
1990 Pegasus 800 (Wing Keel, Heads Compartment)Misty7.85mS G W F O 5£10,950Norfolk Broads
1955 Powles Half Decker & TrailerSerenity6.41mS W F G P -£10,000Norfolk Broads
1924 Peewee Collins River Cruiser Class YachtJack Snipe8.23mS W F G O 3£9,950Norfolk Broads
1936 Chumley and Hawke River Cruiser Class YachtPrivateer10.97mS W F G E 4£9,950Norfolk Broads
1988 Thurne Restricted Class (GRP Hull) & TrailerLaveroc7.01mS C F G O 2£9,950Norfolk Broads
Colvic Watson 23.5 Motor SailerMoonbeam7.16mS G L B D 4£9,500Suffolk Coast
1950s Wooden Daysailer Sloop & TrailerPajaro7.01mS W L F - -£9,500Cornwall
1996 Memory 19 & TrailerUnknown7.57mS G C G D 2£9,000Republic of Ireland
1948 Powles Wanderbird/Playmate River Cruiser ClassLorna9.45mS W F G D 4£8,950Norfolk Broads
2004 Drascombe Gig & TrailerEssex Girl7.62mS G C L O -£8,900SW Scotland
2001 Devon Lugger & Torqeedo Electric OutboardPiper5.72mS G C G E -£8,750Norfolk Broads
1952 Waveney One Design (WOD) & TrailerBrandy Bottle6.71mS W F G - -£8,500Suffolk Broads
1908 Yare & Bure One Design (YBOD, White Boat) & TrailerCorydon6.71mS W F G - -£8,000Norfolk Broads
1961 Peter Duck KetchMollie D8.71mS W L B D 4£6,250Norfolk Broads
1953 Rebel One Design Half DeckerRebel Sailer6.93mS W F G - -£5,950Norfolk BroadsPR
1928 Press River CruiserBetty6.55mS W F G P 2£5,750Norfolk Broads
1936 Norfolk One Design Dinghy & TrailerHarnser4.27mS W C G - -£4,995Norfolk Broads
1985 Pegasus 700 (Shallow Fin Keel)Good As Gold7.1mS G F F P 4£4,000Norfolk BroadsSA
1947 Oulton Broad Restricted Class Rater & TrailerA Wee Tempt6.1mS W F B - -£3,250Norfolk Broads
1930 Morgan Giles Designed 18' Flying Sloop & TrailerGracie Mai5.5mS W F B - -£3,250Norfolk Broads
1955 Broads Half Decker (WHOLE OR HALF SHARE)Wildwood6.07mS W F G E -£3,000Norfolk Broads
1983 Yeoman KeelboatSandpiper6mS G F B O -£2,995Norfolk Broads
1936 Ranzo 4 TonnerTwilight of Poole7.92mS W L B D 2£2,995Norfolk Broads
Stephen Jones Micro 18/Micro Tonner/Micro Cupper & TrailerReady Sorted5.5mS G C M - 2£2,450Norfolk Broads
2021 14ft Cedar Strip Canadian-Style CanoeCanoe4.27mS W - - - -£1,950Lincolnshire
1980 Mirror Offshore Mk II & TrailerRibbit5.77mS G L B O 4£1,750Norfolk Broads
Woods & Newstead Half DeckerPrivateer6.1mS W F G O -£1,250Norfolk Broads
2013 Gaff Main & JibN/A-O - - - - -£850Norfolk BroadsCA
Honda 2.3hp (Air Cooled)N/A-O - - - - -£350Norfolk BroadsCA
Jabsco Compact Marine ToiletN/A-O - - - - -£75Suffolk or NorfolkCA
1990 Frolic 21 Electric Motor LaunchOlive6.4mM G - - E -£39,500Norfolk Broads
2020 Phoenix Classic 20 Motor LaunchMoonshine6.1mM G - - P -£37,500Norfolk Broads
1954 Merrywind Classic Centre Cockpit Motor CruiserPour Toi9.45mM W - - D 5£35,000Norfolk Broads
1984 Aquafibre 42Sandpiper12.8mM G - - D 11£35,000Norfolk Broads
1980 Aquafibre 38Sand Cougar11.58mM G - - D 6£32,000Norfolk Broads
1990 Aquafibre 32Sandstorm9.75mM G - - D 6£30,000Norfolk Broads
1979 Aquafibre 31Sandswift9.75mM G - - D 5£27,000Norfolk Broads
1980 Broom Skipper 30 Series 2Sandhawk9.14mM G - - D 4£21,000Norfolk Broads
1981 Bounty 27 SedanSandfly8.23mM G - - D 4£19,000Norfolk Broads
GRP Norwegian Snekke Harbour Launch & TrailerMater6.4mM G - - D -£18,000Oxfordshire
1950's Sabberton Broads Day LaunchFitou6.71mM W - - P -£12,750Norfolk Broads
Classic Motor Launch & TrailerSnipe4.4mM W - - P -£11,950Norfolk Broads
1970 Freeman 23 Mk IIIOuzel7.09mM G - - D 4£11,500Norfolk BroadsNL
1947 Purbrook Rossiter Shelduck Cabin LaunchMolly5.49mM W - - P 2£10,950Norfolk Broads
Shetland 570 & TrailerSea Pony5.7mM G - - O 2£6,250Norfolk Broads
1959 Martham Boats Jocelyn Class Broads Cruiser ProjectJocelyn II8.53mM W - - D 4£6,000Norfolk BroadsNL
1947 Ex US Navy Whaler/Tender ProjectBounty8.23mM W - - D 2£2,995Norfolk Broads
Super Slipper Launch & TrailerSuper Slipper7.74mM W - - D --Cambridgeshire

Spec. Key:
Sail, Motor, Other
GRP, Wood, Composite, Epoxy/wood, Steel
Long, Fin, Wing, Centreboard/lifting, Bilge/twin, Triple, Multihull
Bermudan/Masthead/Fractional, Gaff/gunter, Yawl, Lugsail, Cat
Diesel, Petrol, Electric, Outboard
# of berths

NL = New Listing, PR = Price Reduced, SA = Sale Agreed, S = Sold, CA = Classified Advert