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Sell Your Boat

To proceed with a listing, simply contact us by email! WE WANT TO SELL YOUR BOAT!


Our Service

Selling a boat doesn't have to be a hassle! Our internet yacht brokerage service offers:


Yacht Brokerage Terms (the small print)

By the inclusion of the Vessel on the Topsail Marine Yacht Brokers website (excluding classified adverts) the Vendor is deemed to have accepted the following terms:


Q. What can you (the Vendor) do to help sell your boat?
A. It's all about the three P's really! Oh, and a little bit of H!

Presentation: Presentation is actually two-fold:
- The presentation of the listing/advert: Whilst the listing is largely based on information provided by the Vendor, one of the most important aspects of the broker's job is to use our experience and knowledge to ensure that the listing is professional, comprehensive and appealing. We pride ourselves on obtaining a high level of 'one viewing sales'. By providing quality, accurate and honest information up front, not only does the right buyer view the right boat, but their expectations are met when they do so.
- The presentation of the boat: A well maintained, clean and tidy boat, free of clutter, but not devoid of personality and that loved/cared for feel, will always sell first. It's as simple as that! Always keep in mind what a potential buyer's first impression of the boat will be. Buyers generally don't like to see dirt/mould/green decks, water filled bilges, partly finished projects, broken equipment or half drunk mugs of tea!

Photographs: Whilst not unrelated to the first point above, it is hard to underestimate the importance of providing a comprehensive and up-to-date set of photos when selling a boat. Photos should be of good quality and should show the boat's overall layout and any specific elements/items that are likely to be of interest to buyers. Horizontal photos with an aspect ratio of 4:3 (not long/tall photos!) tend to give the best viewing experience over the widest range of screen sizes, and whilst we do crop and brighten photos where necessary, we do not recommend that photos are otherwise embellished by editing or the use of filters. Photos should provide an accurate representation of the boat as currently presented. They are in today's world essentially the 'first viewing'.

Price: A realistic asking price is always key when selling anything and we are happy to offer guidance on this to help achieve a sale which delivers on both timescale and price attained. It should be borne in mind that unlike production boats, the traditional wooden boat market is a very niche market and there is little in the way of a standard pricing structure. A classic boat is almost as individual as her owner - or perhaps more accurately, her custodian!

Honesty: Honesty is always the best policy. Period. No boat is perfect, and the surveyor is paid to find faults. An undisclosed fault will likely jeopardise a sale further down the line and risks wasting both time and money.

Remember: With the help of a quality listing, an honest, well presented and prudently priced boat will often sell to the first person who views her!


Classified Advertising

Classified adverts are currently provided for chandlery items at our discretion on an ad hoc basis to current and previous clients of Topsail. This service is provided by email only. Please email us if you have something that you wish to sell.

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